Sunday, February 24, 2008

It's about time I tucked my blogging days away - I think my life's pretty interesting and if anything should be done to it, it should be written in script format, and sent to a Hollywood director or published in a novel, not here.

Haha. Game over. At least meeting me in person would be far more interesting. I'd have more things to talk about, rather than referring to my blog all the time. =)

With that, I bid thee farewell.

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Monday, January 28, 2008

Been a while since an update came about eh? =)

Well, A lot has happened since the new year kicked off. All I've got to say is that I've a new lease on life, and I'm looking at the more positive side of things.

Trust me when I say this - I'm going to be less cynical and start being thankful for what I already have and be grateful for the things to come.

I'll tell you more later. hee hee!

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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Firstly, a happy (belated) new year to all! Oh my my my my... my. I've really left my blog behind. Teehee. Doesn't matter. All in good time. =)

Anyway, gone is 2007, and now we are in 2008. New year was awesome. =) Owe it all to Jason, and if that's not clear enough... well... I had too much fun anyway.

So my new year's resolution? A few, really. I've cleared out more than half my wardrobe - I'm gonna dress a little bit more maturely this time around. Also, I'm trying to not take life too seriously - enjoy it while I can. Oh yes. And get a boyfriend, too. A good, good-looking, faithful boyfriend. Har har har. (I'm already setting my eyes on you, Mr. Darcy. =P)

There was this dress that I really really really love in Forever21, but the thing is it looks so typically something I'd already have in my wardrobe and whenever I think of it, I think of bathrobes, which kinda puts it off its purpose of being a kimono-ish dress in the first place. I'm considering whether I should blow a lot of money on it, or just leave it behind. GAAAAAA. It's cracking me in the head now. I've visited it twice and twice I left it behind. It's not the same when you're staring at it in the shop, and when you're thinking about it at home.

Crap. Now I know I shouldn't have left it behind. SHIT.

So lately, the reason why I've been enjoying myself a little too much...

I had an awesome Christmas evening with my family, singing my heart out (and sending my voice to oblivion) at Redbox Plus Pavilion.

Then I had an awesome new year's eve/new year's day celebration with Jason (who flew in the last minute and foiled all my plans with my family!!! XP) DEVAKHI YOU ROCK JELLY MOMMA! XP

And then... just check us all out at facebook to know what we've been up to all that time =_______= (really, thanks to Jason, I LOVE clubs now. SHIT bloody hypocrite oh well its the new year afterall time to change a few things).

This is the dress I was talking about (should I just forget about it completely? I know it'd be off the shelves in no time if I think too much and finally decide to get it!)

And last but not least... for clearing out my wardrobe, dear Callie gave me two Jco doughnuts, one of which I ate along the way back to my condo unit after leaving her with all my items. For once, I get to savour a JCrown doughnut, in which I only could dream of after staring at the menu as by the time I get to my turn in the queue, those doughnuts are nowhere to be seen.

See, early birds do get the worm. =_____= I obviously am not keen enough to be up and around in Pavilion in the morning. (So, be really good friends with early birds if you know you're never going to be one! LOL)

Hee. So that's pretty much all I got to report (on my pathetic but not so life) at the moment. =) Don't worry, be happy! =)

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Okay. So I haven't made much progress - but this I can tell you: I can't bear working in retail anymore. It pisses me off that not only do I have to put up with two-faced, sales-stealing, lying bitches (can you imagine a really, really sweet senior sales assistant being so nice to you but when you make sales, she adjusts the records as well as not tell you about the team diary which all previous sales are recorded, to find out later that your sales is considered hers, and that she will be making use of your commission? The other retail assistants know and yet they put up with it the entire time? HELLO WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU ALL)... waiting for customers to actually enter the shop and wonder who should serve the customer when there is only one of them, and four of us, especially on weekdays had me wondering what on Earth am I doing in the ice-box when I could be using the time to do more productive things, like learning new recipes, reading books, hanging out with my sisters, cousins and friends. Even though there is the prospect of getting paid, but getting paid to do nothing but trap yourself in a hell of an icebox with nothing to do but stand up (you're not allowed to sit!!!) and wait all day, and demotivation upon the look on the face of those who are too friendly but actually up to no good... Gah. It's a holiday break and I think I'd prefer not to commit myself to total boredom. I don't think it's worth the pay even. That's why it's important to love your job! Can't wait to get my degree and do what I can with it! Anyway, I enjoy laying back, cooking and taking care of my two sisters. I've been cooking, cleaning, keeping tab of them and all sorts. Hee. =) Furthermore, I managed to participate in Comic Fiesta 2007. I didn't sleep the night before the first day of the event, just because I wanted to complete my costume to wear on that day. Stupid move, really, though having the costume had me completely satisfied. I had everything done myself (including the sewing, no use of sewing machine at all!!!) which kind of resulted in the ribbon that kept unbuttoning itself at the front of my dress. I didn't get to try it and adjust anything before the event, so I wore it there and then. Luckily it fitted well, but I had to be extra careful about my bra from showing up (which, thankfully, friends would remind me about it from time to time =_____= ARIGATOU!!!). I cosplayed Nodame Cantabile's main character, Noda Megumi, during her graduation day performance. Sadly, Nodame isn't known by many. =( Stupidly I did not take a single photo of myself in the costume which I am ever so proud of, but a friend did send me one, which was taken without me noticing =____=
Aaaa! The green-ness of the dress is ACID to my eyes! *LOL*
And there were many awesome cosplayers on that day too - I'm kinda pissed off at myself for missing the second day, because I spent the day away by claiming back my lost sleep. =____= I woke up at 4pm, people!!! X_X MY phone camera does the cosplayers no justice. =( I'm sorry! TT_________TT So yeah, that about sums up what I pretty much had in mind on blogging. Christmas is in the air, and so is new year. I can't wait to celebrate!!! XP Anyway, before I totally sign off, there are a few more things that may (or may not) be of amusement. Yup, more language maladies and stuff to ponder about!!! It is scientifically proven that nuts of any kind is low in carbohydrates, but high in (good) fats and protein. However, 1g of fat gives double the amount of calories 1g of carbohydrate and protein would. Slimming nuts? Hmm. If you were to eat the entire container in a day or two, I don't think so. I guess I'd go into this shop, to come out after a pedicure or a manicure with only ONE nail looking 'gorgeous'. On the cover? 'LUV', on a COVER? Are you trying to copy the British slang or something? Or is this some kind of internet influence leaking on to prints?! There is a shepherd for mechanical animals along Jalan Bukit Bintang. You read right. Mechanical animals. A battery operated rhino, hippo... dinosaur? I couldn't really tell. Sorry the picture's bad... I took it while walking, and you know... camera phones. =_____= Nonetheless, check this one out. It appears to be some sort of a battery operated zoo/amusement park!!!

Oh yes, and I've discovered that my camera phone is capable of 'manual' editing. Check this out:

The 'manually' edited photo ... (as in, I didn't upload it to the computer and fix it there...)

Compared to the original, still image!!!

Toodle doo!! =)

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Okay. So, my break has been wonderfully entertaining so far. I have my youngest sister to babysit (and provide me some company at home =) ) and I've been looking for a part-time job to accomodate some of my free time, as well as enable me to reward myself with something. Ha! Got a bunch of interviews next week. So yeah.

So what have I been up to? Well, thanks to the 'infamous' Wade Doyle, I've not only stepped into a 'club', but I've discovered that you don't have to really know how to dance when clubbing. You can totally make a fool out of yourself and you know what? No one gives a damn! =) It's quite a relief. I still detest the amount of cigarette smoke there is around. Nonetheless, the loud music is just something to drown in. Was fun. Would consider going in again, but that would probably be next year or so. Haha! (this makes me such a hypocrite, but oh well. Damage done. Thanks Wade *slap*).

I had this look that spelled *WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING HERE* but after a while, it was okay. Jumping up and down without the world to care yet there's so many people around was really fun. Plus, there was this hottie, his name is ***, he's kinda on my mind that night because he's just perfect in every way, except for the fact that watching him from a distance kinda sucked, and witnessing him kiss another guy (on the lips) and sticking two fingers down the back of a guy's trousers (eeks) plus leaving the place in the arms of a hot babe-girlfriend had us all confused. *slaps self*. Entertaining nonetheless. =)

Blaah. Okay. So what else? Hmm. Okay. Caught up with MaX before he rendevous-ed himself to Europe (have fun, MaX!!!), and on the very same day we saw a very familiar face/physique, only we were quite sure he wasn't cosplaying. =______=

With mum, I checked out The Gardens, Midvalley. Rather bare, but food's nice. Can't help to "glamorise" and "advertise" for Bakerzin Isetan's Souffle, which almost sent me to heaven. =)

Oh yes, and I couldn't help feeling a little bit nostalgic (and old) when I came across this notebook. It reminded me of the childhood days, when that Very Hungry Catterpillar bit a hole in everything, with 'real' holes through the cardboard pages of that book.

Oh, I also spotted Filbert on the shelves in a supermarket. Wait. Not just Filbert, but FilbertS!

Dedicated to my dear friend, Filbert! =)

So, what ELSE have I been up to? Haha.. Seeing that I've whipped up a number of photos, it means I've been 'bo-su-cho'ing - and I've also been entertaining myself by spotting the language (specifically English) maladies that can be spotted around the shopping malls (which, others would probably not give a damn about, but it humours me nonetheless). Let me share some with you. =)

Oh dear. Talk about pointing fingers.

Charming, I'm sure. =______=

I wanna share my liVEstyle with y'all! *LAMO-NESS*

Good ad. I don't even have to taste the food to NOT forget it! =P

I wonder which, lucky, rich, thing got fried. Then again, it may be a dish that promises wealth in its caloric (and fat) contents. =_____=

Okay, not much really, but it was a 'Slippery Wet Floor' sign in front of one of the toilets. Weary toes can rest here too. =)

So if I needed extra plates, I'll help myself to the ones under this one. Got it.

Gross. Not only are you expecting people to drink soap water, it's also sour.

Okay, not exactly a language malady, but makes you wonder why a five-foot way exists. It seems that it has a new purpose. Cars now have their place on the five-foot way, and people on roads.

And could it be, Rotiboy has growned up?!

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007


"Wait! No no no! It's only me, it's only..."


Okay okay, so I don't have a security system. And of all days I decide to 'think' and visit my own blog, it happens to be the day of my one and only outstanding final paper for media law. GAAAH. And I just woke up, exam is in 5 hours or so.

PR was shit yesterday. Don't want to think about it, it's all just done and over with.

Anyway, finally got down to seeing Wade's tag - and I guess I should um... respond to a tag? Lol.

(a) Fully sponsored Unlimited, Lifetime Platinum credit card with my name on it >=)
(b) A walk-in closet constantly updated with the latest clothes and accessories
(c) Justin Timberlake
(d) (Now to the more realistic, lol) - An iMac/iBook + final cut pro v.X
(e) A dozen of different set of flowers delivered to me weekly

(a) Well, someone's gotta support my retail therapy =_____=
(b) I get bored of what's in my closet real easy, and I don't think it's big enough
(c) Which girl doesn't want Justin Timberlake? He can help me shop, even just for a day, it's good enough =)
(d) My current laptop is retarded
(e) I like flowers but it would be odd if I went to the florist every week to buy a dozen flowers for myself. =____= sadness.


(a) Short
(b) Talkative (way too, sometimes like a train)
(c) Party-goer
(d) Confused shop-a-holic
(e) (I'll never give this one up) - FULL of EGO =P

Possibly the attempt of bringing from Sydney a chocolate muffin, which never got to me because he says he squashed it flat in his bag.

MOST LOVED INVENTION(does not need to be technologically advance):
The oven

Oh the wonders you can come up with - brownies, cakes, muffins, roast chicken, beef... *daydreams*

Body Odour. Anything but that. EURGH.

I dunno. Wait... nah.

Whoever finds this tag interesting, I suppose. =)

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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

My life's been quite alright, I guess. Haha? Nothing too eventful these past few days, except probably the fact that I'm going to be home (as in, back in my hometown) for two weeks. I've been here since last Friday, and so far, nothing beats the peace I get at home. =)

Nonetheless, Kuching is definitely not a place for shopping. Three days ago I tried going around the city for shopping. 40 minutes and I finished touring the three shopping centres, and gave up feeling rather lethargic. I went for a hair wash and cut, which ended up with me getting almost completely brainwashed by the hairstylist and the world's most disastrous fringe has just gotten its way with mine. Luckily it's fairly more than one week away from raya (by then I hope some length has added to it).

My legs feel like two thick tree trunks now. In KL I had to walk a lot to get to places. Here, I don't even bother walking - I stay in bed most of the time. Ha! Yes I can be quite the sloth.

Oh yeah. Gotta go see the dentist tomorrow, and get a blood test done. Geez. I should have done that today, but I forgot. So yeah, it's gotten so lame I've decided to remind myself this way. Don't forget, Azzie.

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